Thank you for your interest in serving as a Research Advocate! The Research Advocacy Program at Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center will use community input to ensure that our research is relevant to the needs of the DFW area. In contrast to Patient Advocates who provide input on how to improve delivery of cancer care in clinics and hospitals, Research Advocates focus on initiatives that improve clinical research. This research shapes our understanding of why cancer develops and helps evaluate new treatments.

It is important that Research Advocates reflect the diverse populations living in DFW. Simmons is recruiting: patients who have completed treatment, caregivers, and community members with a vested interest in cancer research to be trained and serve as Research Advocates.

Training will be provided and no prior research experience is needed. Orientation is scheduled for Friday, November 12th from 11am – 1pm and Wednesday, November 17th from 3pm – 5pm via ZOOM. Monthly follow-up training sessions will take place monthly through August 2022.

As an advocate, you can help by:

  • Reviewing and providing feedback on research proposals, grants, and abstracts
  • Serving on a panel or as part of a committee to develop a new research study
  • Improving accrual to trial participation by identifying barriers to participation
  • Writing letters of support for cancer-related research
  • Sharing scientific discoveries with the community via lay-friendly presentations

Applications are due by October 15th, 2021. For questions about the application or program, please contact:

Please tell us about yourself in the application below.

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