The questions below are about your experience with pediatric Functional Seizures (which we will refer to as 'FS' throughout the remainder of this survey). Please only complete this survey if you have a child who has been diagnosed with FS. We realize you may have heard different names used to describe this diagnosis (i.e., psychogenic nonepileptic seizures, nonepiletpic events, etc.); for this study we have chosen to use the term FS as it is preferred by patient advocacy groups. The purpose of this study is to survey families and experts to determine the best strategies for taking care of children with FS. Specifically, we want to learn what families consider most helpful for including in a multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) for pediatric FS. A multidisciplinary clinic includes providers from different specialties who see the patient during the same visit. If you are uncertain about a question, please do not hesitate to email Afsaneh Talai at If a question does not apply to you, you can write “N/A” or leave it blank. We greatly appreciate your participation.

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