Requesting user access to eResearch requires a VALID ACTIVE Southwestern ID, Parkland ID or Children's ID before filling out this form. UT Southwestern, Parkland or Children's employees who already have a valid active User ID at their institution may fill out the form to request eResearch system access. AIS requires a minimum of 3 business days to process your request.

If the information in this from is incorrect or incomplete, the user account will not be created.


Users outside UT Southwestern, Parkland or Children's may not directly request access using this form until they have obtained a UT Southwestern login ID. This process requires a UT Southwestern Sponsor or an administrator in their office to first complete the Request Add a New Person (Not Recruited) form in PeopleSoft followed by an IAR (Institutional Access Request) form through Information Resources. The sponsor is generally a representative from the UT Southwestern clinical or academic department collaborating on study(ies) with the off site investigator. Each form type requires a minimum of
3 business days to process. AFTER the UTSW Login ID has been established, this eResearch Access Request form should be submitted.

Standard access allows users to create studies, as well as manage and view only those studies on which they are listed as a study team member. Standard access is sufficient for most research staff and will be automatically assigned when you submit your request. Some users, however, will need to view studies that they are not associated with as a study team member, such as Department Approvers, Performance Site Approvers, etc. Such users will need to request special or expanded access in order to view studies with which they are not associated.

IF YOU REQUIRE SPECIAL OR EXPANDED ACCESS, then once you have standard access to the systems, please submit the Expanded Access Authorization to an eResearch System form through ServiceNow (login required).

If you require expanded access in multiple systems, please submit a separate form for each system.

Please contact the IR Service Desk for any questions regarding expanded or special access at 8-7600 or


Access to the UT Southwestern internal research management system known as ERGO (OGM1, NR3, WPP, ARC, IACUC) requires an active UT Southwestern login ID. Your UT Southwestern Login ID and password should be used to log into the ERGO system.

Your level of access in ERGO will determine if you are able to create or edit forms. Anyone with an active UT Southwestern Login ID will automatically have access to log into ERGO and can be assigned delegate rights by a PI. PI access in ERGO should be automatically assigned to faculty. If you are a PI and do not have the PI access required to create and edit forms, etc., then please contact the IR Service Desk at 214-648-7600 or


Please note that if you are accessing eResearch outside of UT Southwestern, Parkland or Children's, you must use VPN.

Additional training can be found on the AIS Website.

If you experience any problems with this request form, or if you have any problems accessing any of the systems, please contact the UT Southwestern Service Desk at 8-7600 or

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