Requesting user access to eResearch requires a VALID ACTIVE Southwestern ID, Parkland ID or Children's ID before filling out this form. UT Southwestern, Parkland or Children's employees who already have a valid active User ID at their institution may fill out the form to request eResearch system access.

NOTE: AIS requires a minimum of 3 full business days to process your request.

NOTE: If the information in this from is incorrect or incomplete, the user access will not be granted and the applicant will be advised to submit a new corrected request.

NOTE: Accessing UTSW eResearch systems from outside UT Southwestern will require VPN. Please contact your campus Information Technology support team for assistance with VPN.


Standard access will be assigned for the systems based on this eResearch Access Request form. Standard access allows a user to create studies, as well as manage and view only those studies on which the user is listed as a study team member. This access is sufficient for most research staff.

Some users will need to view studies with which they are not associated as a study team member; such as, Department Approvers, Performance Site Approvers, etc. Such users will need to request expanded access in order to view the studies with which they are not ordinarily associated.

IF YOU REQUIRE SPECIAL OR EXPANDED ACCESS, first ensure you have standard access to the eResearch systems. Afterward, please submit the Expanded Access Authorization to an eResearch System form through ServiceNow.

Access to the Expanded Access Authorization form will require UTSW assigned network user credentials. If you are not a UTSW employee, or affiliate institution user with UTSW assigned credentials, you must coordinate with administrative staff within your UTSW sponsoring department to have the form submitted in your behalf.

For problems, questions or concerns regarding expanded access please open a ServiceNOW incident with the UTSW IR Service Desk at 214-648-7600 or

For questions regarding COI, please contact the UTSW Conflict of Interest (COI) offices:

Conflict of Interest (COI) Office
Tel 214-648-5300


Please note that if you will be accessing the eResearch systems from outside UT Southwestern you must use VPN.

Additional information can be found on the AIS Website.

If you experience any problems with this request form, or if you have any problems accessing any of the systems after receiving notice of access granted, please contact the UT Southwestern Service Desk at 214.648.7600 or

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