Medical students have expressed the need for more data on how competitive an individual program may be or what a program is looking for in an applicant in order to develop better strategies for applying to residency programs. We are pleased that medical schools across the country have joined together to collect and compile data to assist students in this process. For this to be successful, we need student participation to complete the survey. Your responses will be kept completely anonymous (not even reported by school) and used only in summary for this specific purpose: to help guide future students.

We hope to compile data on individual program competitiveness, as well as program behaviors with regard to interview invitations and the Match. Our goal is to provide data for future students to target applications to the residency programs for which they are most competitive. Hopefully, this will help to decrease the anxiety and unnecessary costs that currently exist. The power of compiling data points from medical students across the country will be remarkable.

Thanks so much for your participation!

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