For essential faculty, residents, fellows, nurses and staff working at CUH required to wear scrubs in approved areas, please complete this form for badge access to the scrubx machine at UTSW University hospitals.

DO NOT ENTER YOUR EMPLOYEE ID. Only enter your IClass, six digit badge number. The number is located on the back of your Iclass badge (Parkland if you are Parkland employed, UTSW if you are UT employed) at the very bottom, under the magnetic strip starts with either * or +. If you enter any other number, you will not be able to access the scrub machine.

Your request will be processed promptly; however, if you are unable to access scrubs or have additional questions, please contact Marie Novy by email or telephone 214-633-4397.

Please remember to return the scrubs to the scrub machine after your rotation is over.

Thank you!

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