Please review the Program Overview, and requirements for Levels of Achievement before completing the survey below.

The purpose of this program is to encourage a culture of performance excellence and patient safety by providing a recognition program for UT Southwestern Medical Center faculty, fellows, residents, students, nurses and staff who are committed to life-long learning, improvement activities, and scholarship in the areas of patient safety and performance improvement. This mission will be accomplished by a process that rewards competency-based education, practical application, and scholarly activities related to leadership, performance improvement methodology, and high-reliability principles. Individuals who accomplish predefined milestones will progress through an institutional certification program recognizing their achievements and competence. The program includes all of the schools of UT Southwestern (Medical, Health Professions, and Graduate Schools) and will be administered through the Office Quality, Safety, and Outcomes Education in collaboration with Health System Affairs and the Academy for Career Enrichment (ACE).

The APEX program is limited to UT Southwestern staff and faculty.

For additional information please contact us by email at

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